3 Reasons Your Netblock Auction Can Be Unsuccessful

When you are in a business that is associated with some kind of technology production, you can end up being the owner of several IP addresses that you no longer use or may no longer need. When these addresses are no longer in use, you can place them up for bid with an ARIN auction service to liquidate them. As easy as it may sound to simply place a block of addresses up for sale with one of these services, there can be a few things that can hinder the sale of your addresses. Here is a look at a few of the most common reasons why netblocks can sit idle without bidders taking interest. 

The starting bid price may be too high to attract interest. 

Many ARIN auction services will allow sellers to determine their own starting bid rates, which is desirable for most sellers. However, if you are placing a starting bid price too high, it can deter any interest in your block of IP addresses. Buyers looking for addresses not in use are always on the lookout for the best prices. If your starting bid prices are higher than others, it can mean your listing will not garner a lot of interest. If you're unsure how high you should place your starting bid, look at similar IP addresses to see how much they're going for. 

The IP addresses listed may have issues that are affecting the sale. 

It is not uncommon for IP addresses to get blacklisted or to have other associated issues that can hinder the sale, and not all sellers will be aware that there are issues associated with their address block. For example, if you had an address associated with a machine sending a lot of emails and those emails were reported as spam or threatening too many times, it can lead to an address getting blacklisted. Before buyers place bids on addresses, they will often do some research to find out if there are associated issues.

The time listed may not be the best. 

Sometimes, the lack of interest in a group of IP addresses listed on an ARIN auction site can be something as simple as the listing not going live at the right time. In general, it is best to list your netblock list at a time of day when most users are going to be on the site looking to place bids. the best auction service providers will give sellers useful tips on when it is best to post a listing so it goes live. 

For more information, reach out to the staff at an ARIN auction service