Staying Informed The Virtual Way: How An Emergency Notification App Can Make A Difference

Staying informed in the case of an emergency can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. As bleak as this sounds, there are ways you can always be informed of a possible emergency situation — such as using an emergency notification cellular device app to get instant notifications. Here are just a few examples of how using an emergency notification app can help keep you and the community safe!

Weather Emergencies

In the event of a sudden weather emergency, every second counts. Tornados can demolish a home within minutes and flash floods can strike at any moment, leaving nothing but a trail of devastation behind. While there are ways to secure yourself in the event of a weather emergency, doing so as soon as possible is critical. These are all situations that necessitate the need for as much of a warning as possible. Emergency notification apps will give its users up-to-date information regarding severe weather, if their location may be in danger, and what to do if disaster strikes. For users, this will allow them time to get to immediate shelter and out of harm's way. 

Missing Persons

When a loved one goes missing, you will do everything in your power to find them. Contacting law enforcement, taking to the streets with missing person flyers, and contacting local news channels will all get more visibility with each case. However, an immediate notification to app users can serve as extremely helpful in the event there is a missing person in the vicinity. Users will immediately receive a notification with the description of the missing person including height, weight, and hair and eye color, as well as what clothes they were wearing when they went missing. This alert can help keep users alert to take note of anyone around them who may match the description. 

An Extra Set of Eyes

For those who pose a threat to the community, immediate alerts to the community are crucial. In the case of a convenience store robbery, for example, users will be notified of what the suspect looks like and the general direction they were heading. Alerting the public to be wary of a dangerous person and including information such as whether or not they are armed can be an excellent way for those nearby to get to safety. Not only does this help keep the public safer by alerting them to a possible danger in the community, but also improves the chances of the suspects being caught. Using this alert system on an emergency notification app can help keep the public safer, allowing users to immediately report anyone matching the suspect's description while assuming a low profile and keeping their distance.