Opening A New Call Center? 3 Features You Should Look For In Call Center Software

If you are opening a new call center one important thing to purchase is the call center software. Having the right software will be beneficial for your employees, your customers, and you. To help you, below are three features you should look for when choosing the software for your company.

Ability to Queue the Calls

You never know when all your agents are going to be busy and not be able to immediately answer the phone. In a case like this, the call center software should have the ability to route the calls to a call queue.

Depending on the type of software you choose, once the call hits the queue it will ask the caller certain questions. After this, the queue will prioritize the calls based on the urgency or other factors. You can also play music or give the caller other information why they are waiting for their call to be answered.

The call queue should give an option for the caller to leave a voicemail just in case they do not want to wait. You can also find software that will set wait limits. For example, after a certain amount of time the software can transfer someone to voicemail.

Offer Information on Screen

There is call center software that has the feature of displaying information on the screen to help your employees.  This information should have the caller's name, their purchase history, and more. Your employee can see this information before they answer the call.

The employee can also see if the caller has had any past support requests, see emails to other employees, or see notes that other employees may have made on the customer's record.

Having this information allows your employees to be much more personable while on the phone. They employee can also offer better service.

Monitor Phone Calls

Being able to monitor phone calls allows you to listen in on any employee that you desire without the employee knowing that you are doing so. This way you can hear for yourself if the employee is being helpful to the customer. This will also show you if any employees are being rude or not giving out the correct information.

How this works depends on the company you purchase the software from. In many cases, however, you can click something like "monitor calls" on the screen and then choose the employee you want to monitor.

Monitoring calls is also helpful if you need to train new employees. This is because the new employees can listen in on several calls to help them understand that they will be doing.

Talk with a company that sells call center software to learn of other features they can offer.