Investing In A Satellite Two-Way Radio

Spending time in remote wilderness areas can be a great way to enjoy nature in its most pristine condition. Unfortunately, staying in communication with other people in your party can be challenging when you are in remote areas. Having access to satellite two-way radios ensure that you will be able to communicate with others in times of distress or for entertainment.

Here are three things that you should consider when investing in a satellite two-way radio to meet your outdoor communication needs in the future.

1. The size and weight of the unit.

Most people hike into remote wilderness areas since roads are often not established enough to be passable by vehicle. If you plan to backpack into your remote campsite, then it's important for you to consider the size and weight of the two-way radios that you purchase for communication.

Look for a handheld unit that is lightweight and has an ergonomic design. You should also look for a unit whose antenna is roughly the same length as the body of the radio since this will increase efficiency without adding bulk to your satellite two-way radio.

2. The range of the unit.

Another important consideration that you must make when investing in satellite two-way radios is the range of each unit you are thinking of purchasing. You should carefully evaluate the distance you and your travel partners will roam while you are spending time in remote wilderness areas.

You want to ensure that the handheld units you purchase are equipped to communicate across these distances. It can also be helpful to determine how far away the nearest ranger station or outpost will be when you are in the backcountry so that you can look for a satellite two-way radio that will allow you to reach out to a ranger for help if it's needed.

3. The availability of voice-activated commands.

When you are hiking or biking in remote wilderness areas, you may not have both hands available to operate your satellite two-way radio.

By opting to invest in a handheld unit that can be operated using a series of voice commands, you can increase the convenience and efficiency of your communication activities. Check to ensure that the two-way radio you are purchasing comes equipped with voice-activated capabilities.

Investing in the right satellite two-way radio will help you remain in constant communication with your fellow nature enthusiasts. Be sure to purchase a unit that is lightweight, has adequate range, and allows you to use voice commands to ensure you are satisfied with your two-way radio in the future.