3 Ways To Incorporate Security Into Your New Home Build

Having your new home designed and built with your family in mind is ideal since it means you will end up with a home that accommodates all of your needs and preferences. Building a brand new home is also an ideal time to beef up your home security since you can incorporate the safety features you'd like as the home is being build and be able to enjoy them from day one. Here are three great ways to incorporate security into your new home build:

Have an Alarm System Added

The best way to keep your home and family safe is to add a high-quality alarm system. Having this wired for and installed during the build means you won't forget or delay adding an alarm system and allows your builder to include the alarm panel in a location that makes the most sense for your family. You can set up your wired alarm services right away so that if someone attempts to break into your home while the build is being finalized the alarm will go off and the authorities will be notified.

Have a Doorbell Camera Installed

Another great feature to include is a doorbell camera, which your builder can install when the front door goes in. A doorbell camera allows you to monitor who approaches your home and catch package thieves and other criminals in their tracks. You can speak to contractors, vendors, and techs through the two-way intercom, and keep tabs on your home from anywhere via a phone app. You, your spouse, and kids can also check the video feed to see who is at the front door before deciding whether or not to answer, which is an important safety feature.

Choose Upgraded Outdoor Lighting Options

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to keep your home secure is to add plenty of outdoor illumination. Your front walkway, driveway, and door should all be well-lit. Your contractors can add the lighting when your landscaping is being completed, to ensure your outdoor lighting is bright, effective, and also beautiful to look at. LED light bulbs are a bit more expensive up front but will last a really long time and help you save on your energy bills too. 

By adding these features as your new home is built, you will know your home is safe and have significant peace of mind from the first day you move into your home.